Why You Need A Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident and a paramedic van on the street. Another reason you need a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle accident cases are a specialty type of personal injury case that requires a distinctly different set of skills, both in terms of dealing with insurance companies, conducting a thorough proper investigation of the incident, and advocating for your just compensation. They require the counsel of a skilled Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer who is experienced with:

Insurance Companies are Not on Your Side

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you must remember this: insurance companies represent their shareholders – not you. You need an attorney that understands the motivations of the insurance companies and the tactics their attorneys and adjusters use to try and lessen their liability. Our reputation with the insurance companies is well known; this ensures that they will play fair.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation Requires Expertise

Accurately determining fault in a motorcycle accident requires a set of investigation skills that only comes with experience. Motorcycle accidents typically have complicating factors:

  • Environmental Factors: Roadway debris, paving irregularities, weather – anything that might adversely affect road traction or cause a motorcyclist to change their direction and rate of travel
  • Proper Vehicle Operation: Your vehicle needs to be investigated for any faulty components that may have affected its drivability and safety
  • Visibility Issues: Were there any possible roadway obstructions affecting either you or the other party?

All of these factors must be investigated by an attorney skilled in motorcycle accident investigation. The above factors could be used against you to find a guilty car driver less liable, resulting in you receiving less that fair compensation – or at worst – being found partially at fault.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Advocates for Your Compensation

The nature of the forces involved in a motorcycle accident (including minor/low speed accidents) can result in injuries that require long-term care, or in the worst cases, permanent disabilities. As such, you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to carefully and thoroughly document your injuries and ensure that your medical care will be provided for, regardless of duration. You also need an advocate to protect your compensation for:

  • pain and suffering
  • lost time at work
  • property damage

As a leading Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer, Frank Penney has over a decade of specific motorcycle accident litigation experience, and has resolved over 3,000 personal injury cases in his career. He knows how to obtain the most compelling case evidence and investigate in your favor, navigate the insurance industry lawyers’ strategies and tactics to ensure they play fair, and if need be, be prepared to prosecute your case in a court of law.

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