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  1. Choosing A Motorcycle Helmet

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    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), helmets saved the lives of 1,544 motorcycle riders in 2010. It’s should be no surprise to anyone that an unhelmeted rider is 40% more likely to die from a head injury than someone wearing a helmet.

    A motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of gear that a rider can buy. When it comes to buying a helmet, you may not see a notable difference between helmet types at first glance. You may be tempted to buy the cheapest one, or the best looking one.  But the truth is, the best motorcycle helmet is the one that will save your life in a crash.

    What to Look for In a Motorcycle Helmet

    As with any purchase, the buyer must draw their own conclusions and choose the product that best suits their needs.  California motorcycle attorney Frank Penney suggests that the safest motorcycle helmets are those with:

    • good overall quality of materials
    • stable and durable construction
    • a reputable name (not in popularity, but in reliability)
    • a comfortable, yet snug fit
    • good ratings and reviews
    • customizable sizing (interchangeable cheek padding, etc)

    Motorcycle Helmet Standards

    Modern helmets have come a long way since the thin, leather head caps they used to be.  Modern helmet construction includes several key components, such a hard outer shell, impactable interior foam, comfort lining/padding and a chin strap. Many different materials can be used for these parts, however, all of these components are vital in the construction of motorcycle helmets and one should not be purchased if missing any of these pieces.

    In the United States, there are two main helmet standards in place that are directly related to helmet safety.  All helmets are required to pass the DOT standard (Department of Transportation) in order to be sold in the United States.  When purchasing a helmet, make sure that it is DOT compliant. Another helmet standard is the Snell standard.  Helmets that pass the Snell standard have gone through more intensive testing.

    Avoid Personal Injury On A Motorcycle

    It is always a good idea to buy new helmets. With used helmets, the integrity of the helmet may have been compromised at one point.  Also, if the helmet was not originally purchased in the United States, it may not be DOT compliant.

    A good helmet is a must for any motorcycle rider.  As a motorcycle rider and enthusiast, California motorcycle attorney Frank Penney understands the importance of preventing personal injury while cruising on a motorcycle. If you ever do become involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Frank D. Penney to ensure that your rights are protected.